Twinkle twinkle night December 17, 2017

Thank you all attendees!! As usual I will always get feedback from parents and learn from good and bad reviews at every event. A few last minute changes by co organizer To make things smoother. More than 90% sign up turned up and everything went well in the end. We faced Long q issue Today due to more than 50% of attendees who didn’t even know what tickets they have / different name from identification. Hence to be fair, we remained firm and I got to check wisely. However, I’m still really really sorry for the Long Q. Truly Appreciate everyone’s patience, love and support. I even received lots of gifts from parents! Really touched!! I’m so sorry didn’t have time to talk to most of u! Many thanks to all sponsors and vendors too! And of cos my Super Freelance mums who Came to help ! Happy to receive a lot feedback on how great all of u are! And most importantly, BIG thank you to Qiren’s team for engaging Supreme Parents to market the event. This is our first time sharing half the load as a co organizer. And they have been really helpful too! We received alot feedback that the team has been really polite & helpful ! With Every event, I’m able to hire more mummies to help out at each event. It really means alot to me to fulfil this small goal- Mummy’s Wing Program. May more Towkays support is on this journey!