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Thank you everyone! Advance Christmas & New year Msg!

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Thank you everyone!

I don’t really celebrate Christmas. But my friends love it and I love my friends. So every year, hubby will set up a 🌲

This year, we changed to a smaller one as I have shifted Chloe’s toys to living room. Her toys occupy 10 tiles in the living room. She made a pact that by Primary 3, she will give them away. We shall see. Haha

This year, one more illness added to the record, trigeminal neuralgia. I honestly think it's x 10 worse than the cancer I had.

This year, I have Also expanded my operations for Supreme Parents, and finally own a team! Yay to no more 1 woman show. And of cos, Not forgetting friends who supported me on freelance basis past 3 years too!

This year, I have also changed to an official 6 days work week learning to manage HR, finance and accounts in my dad’s company. Maths, something I dread n basically flunk yearly in school.

This year, we did new events and of course, my family had to cover my work during days I had to run events. but compared to last year, I don't need to take so much leave as I have my team to back me up.


This year, I have also made a lot of new friends, met many New parents (sorry really can’t rem everyone), and increased SP base of parent-tele to almost 20,000, as of now.

This year, to be honest, I’m still afraid to partner people so I have been rejecting people and giving up opportunities. I’m worried I cannot handle it well ever since  I encountered 2 really crazy badass last year. Pretty traumatic.

This year, I have also deepened my relationship with my family, my clients, vendors, sponsors and more. You know who you are. And yes I neglected some friends as I'm either fighting in hospital or juggling with work n mum duties. But of course, that cannot be a valid excuse. I will adjust my timing next year please continue to love me leh my buddies.

This year, I have given more Me time to myself since I been spending alot time in hospital. Bleah

This year I almost gave up myself due to the incurable nerve pain that’s killing me daily for a good period of 3 months, but I have Also picked myself up once again.

This year, I have set time aside for my family, especially my daughter. It’s never enough but I’m less workaholic I Guess?

Oh but one thing for sure, Im still as short tempered. And zero tolerance towards scammers and bullies. N I still love being me.

Next year, I wish for the same or better (including temper). I wish For everyone I love to be healthy and happy. Always.


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