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Invisible handicap

Was telling my fren.. I’m born to 多灾多难 yet 死不了 😂😂😂😂😂 

Born with only clear eyesight for 1 eye (my other eye has scarring causing severe lazy eye). So yes pple I not staring at u Lah. Basically I am as good as one-eye-blind.

Born with weak sense of smell. Chemo killed what’s left.

Age 21 I found out I had lymphoma cancer and went through chemo n radiotherapy, which affected my smell, womb, spine n eyesight. N Erm maybe mood too.

So many miscarriages that I even joked for an award.

Now I have Trigeminal (permanent nerve pain ) and no painkillers that I can take due to allergies. But tcm seem to work on me these days.

But I’m still alive n blessed with best family support. N of cos, supportive friends!

So whenever u don’t feel too happy, think of me? 😂😂

N here’s a subtle hint. Last time I need milk powder $. Now my daughter need. I count on her to feed me milk when I’m old.

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