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Thank you Message to all Covid Heroes in the World. You can be a hero too.

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Thank you Message to all Covid Heroes in the World. You can be a hero too.


Thank you Message from friends in different countries!


We invited friends residing in Singapore and friends from other countries to send their 5seconds-Thank-You message to all the heroes who are playing a part to keep themselves and others safe.

We would also like to thank the frontliners particularly for their dedication. Frontliners who work in the hospital, policemen, Drivers, Hawkers and so many more.

This message is for everyone in the #world.



Some countries are on full lockdown basis and we are on a semi lockdown known as Circuit Breaker (CB). However, there are people who still go out unnecessarily which will cause all of us to be stuck home for longer period.


Listen to what foreign workers in Singapore wants to say. 
They are currently stuck in the dorm with many of them who don’t even have internet facility or TV to entertain themselves. Do they have it better than us? Did they want this? Yet they appreciate why the government is implementing CB.


Many of us are well blessed with good health and also blessed enough to still be able to go out and purchase groceries or take away food. Think about the people who can’t even do it. Think about people who don’t wish to stay home with people they dislike or abuse them. Think about the sick or lonely elderly. So many people are in much worse situations than us.


This isn’t easy. In SG, we still have people who insist to challenge and ‘jailbreak’ by going out unnecessarily. In fact, there will always be people who loves to "jailbreak" for all sort of reasons. No matter what the intention was, I sincerely hope you can rethink about it and stay home for all of us, and for yourself.


Play the video.
Listen to what everyone have to say.

🏡  #Stayhome


Have a heart, for yourselves n for people you love and love you.

And we wish all covid patients speedy recovery. It’s been tough for all of you!


Once again, thank you to dedicated frontliners and everyone who's playing your part!