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Do you cook for your kid every day?

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Well, I don’t.

Do you cook every single Day

for your toddler?

        “Well, I don’t.”




Looking at the simple dinner here: 



Steamed egg with minced meat 

Lotus soup 


*didnt even have time took proper photos*


This IS my life currently. I’m holding a full time job, and I do chores in the evening. I also fetch my child and take care of her- i.e mum duties. And most importantly, I’m not allowed to use stove on most days, hence I only cook with steam cookers. Reason: I don’t have sense of smell since 2007 after my chemo treatments. 


Sometimes, I’m too tired to teach her anything or skip some chores. 


Sometimes, or in fact most days, I have no time or energy to cook, or coming to realize at the very last minute that I don’t have enough ingredients! 

  • P.s daily fruits for my child therefore  becomes highly important then - self console at least some healthy stuffs. And I’m really Glad the school feeds a lot veggies and fruits to my fussy child. And yes, you can tell I don’t have cooking talent. 


This simple meal, is therefore considered a luxury for my little family - rare home cooked food. On weekdays, we usually da Bao Home/ order Delivery. 


I’m not boasting it, in fact I get upset / stressed by it at times. 


But dear mums who are In my Shoes as well, let’s be happy and thankful we have a roof and we have food everyday! 


I will clean the balcony, toilets and mop the floor at least once a week. A big lesson learnt no matter as a SAHM or FTWM, i Try my best not to procrastinate and delay doing chores. Otherwise, it’s spring cleaning for me every week.  How about you?


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