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Euky Bear Rub SG

Baby has a stubborn cough lately. I m having a lot ulcers but checked at doc not hfmd don’t worry Ah. 


Applied euky rub on our throats and back. Really good. Albeit Abit sticky at first. Not sure if it aided in healing but the stubborn ulcers n cough getting better after we slept overnight with the rub on us! Also helps on itches , eczema and siam Mozzie bites!


Oh there’s a promo on Shopping sites like Lazada & Redmart and at times at BOVE! 



For full Range of Euky items can go BOVE to See. I also got the popular Set just like fellow mummies - 


This unique packaging only can be found in

Singapore! And yes,


My Sponsor is coming to our 28/4 event as

well back by popular demand!!



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