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Feature: Mummy Lyn

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Natural or IVF, it doesn’t matter as long as everyone is healthy and happy!

Lyn came a long journey to become a mummy. With a supportive hubby, they made their dream come true! Hang in there for all those trying for a kid!

Let's hear from Mummy Lyn!


Written by Mummy Lyn


I am Lyn, mum to a boy who just turned one year old. I love to introduce myself as such because this title as a mum did not come easy for me. I never thought that someday I would "upgrade" my status to Mum.
I've had six intra-uterine insemination (IUI) and four in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatments over the past four years and met with umpteen failures.


It was almost S$60,000 of hard earned money and savings gone down the drain with no returns. 
Let's also not forget the headaches and stress due to monetary concerns (my husband was working three jobs to fulfil our parenting dreams), the body aches from all the injections, bloatedness, going through both invasive and non-invasive procedures, and the worst – heartaches! No words can describe the wringing of one's heart and stomach, throat choked up with a lump, and tears welling up, sometimes flowing non-stop, when we met failure month after month, for 4 years.

Throughout this journey, a phrase kept me going; "God saved his worst battles for his toughest soldiers." Though I’m a free thinker, His words gave me the strength to persevere. And I’m glad we did! 
After doctor hopping across clinics and hospitals, we found an embryologist who helped us succeed in conceiving my boy. Even when we first learnt of it, I was petrified because I was afraid the pregnancy may end in a miscarriage. But thank goodness, Cayden was born.

I grew a lot stronger mentally and emotionally through this journey of becoming a mum. No words can replace my admiration for anyone who is on the same journey as me or even trying to conceive.

I also wish to share to all ladies that

it's ok if you can't conceive naturally. You are enough. We all may need a little help sometimes and intervention may present itself in the form of medical treatment. I used to be very conscious of my body, wanting to have abs, thigh gap and all that. But now, I'm happy with my mum pouch because I have birthed my darling boy.