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Lazy Parents Episode 13: Sorbet, Ice or Icecream?

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Also a quick review on this popular new “ toy “

Kinda busy lately, chanced upon some friends sharing about this frying plate without electricity! Just simply freeze it for 10- 12 hours before using. 


When I first took it out, I went to rinse it and water droplets got frozen almost immediately. 


So I was trying to scrape them off and forgot to video. 


Before I start to grab my phone, Chloe had spread her entire bottle of Yakult on this plate! Lol!! Think overloaded too much 💦 .




Round 2: 

I rinsed it and tried with A&W drink ! 

However, it didn’t work and we got tired stirring it. We left it there and it still didn’t work. Almost 20 minutes later, Chloe went back to check and tadah, entire plate frozen like ICE. 😂



Cheap- got it at $14.90 from Shopee seller

Good product quality

Fast delivery

It worked In minutes.

Safe for kids

Easy to use


Very happy with our new toy! And Erm I Guess takes alot skills to make into icecream rolls though. 



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