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Age 4 learning to eat a hardboil egg by herself


Do you count peeling an egg a sensory activity ?





Had been busy with events , taxes and work. 


The lazy mum here is lazy and unwell doing her mini confinement. 


Decided to check if she still remember how to peel and eat an egg by herself. She did it Herself at age 2+ But it was a mess. Did it another time by herself at 3+ Which got a lot better. 


So yea my toddler here turned age 4, still pretty in love with eggs.  


Personally prefer that she learns basic life / motor skills  and be more independent so as not to follow my footsteps. I was overly pampered by my parents and they would always be worried about me swallowing egg shells.


Filmed it without hinting her if she ate any shell, (sneakily) watched her eat from the corner of my eye in case too much shells got into her little tummy. Had to look calm and show her I tryst her.


But no worries, the shells pretty much united in the bowl. Thankfully, she didn’t eat any shell afterall. 😙