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Supreme Parents 5th Newsletter February 2019



In 2018, Supreme Parents achieved several milestones such as organising over 20 public events, organized our ever 1st learning journey with the support of over 30 preschools. 


We have also successfully implemented Supreme Young Explorers 1 at JCube in November and now, we will be moving on to Changi City Point! 


As a social enterprise, we also managed to offer venue and publicity to help raise more funds for charitable groups. 


Thank you to everyone who played a part. In our 5th issue, we Also welcome our new distribution partners.


In 2019, Yvonne will need to spend more time for her family business due to business expansion. Despite so, she will still try to curate more events for families.  So look out for our upcoming events which will always be educational fun activities for all kids!


You can get a physical copy from our partners from 1st February onwards!


Digital copy: