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1st Time Collab with all partners! Very thankful!


In merely 3 weeks we decided to do a collaborated event and try out a new venue - Viva Biz Park!

A co organized event for Today Got Class & Supreme Parents readers! 


A very daring move and full of new collaborations with new and different partners.


What we didn’t really expect was the sudden surge in lots of events on this same day! 


Nevertheless, it is so heartwarming that our readers still made their way down! Also made a lot of new friends at Viva earlier on! 


Super grateful to awesome collab with Viva Trust, Today Got Class, QO Kenneth, Badanamu, PlayFull Box, Han Junior , Vendors and Sponsors!


Had some hiccups today but very thankful to not only everyone above, but Also my Courier, my event helpers and my family always having my back! 


Cheers to more upcoming events! See you guys!




Photos can be found in Facebook album here: