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Dedicating to every parent

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Healthy and harmonious parenting can help in improving your marriage don't you think so?

Used to be Children's Day on 1st October, but today I would like to dedicate this article to all parents. 

All of us experience different Pregnancy and parenting journeys which are /were never easy for any of us. Your journey will be much more easier, happier and smoother with the correct mindset. More often than not, even I myself allowed temper to take over me at times and that would cause me to endup with a gloomy family: few minutes to even few days of black-faces-days at home! And sometimes being sorry might be too late for some of us. 


Proud of this fellow Anglican High Alumni and even prouder of what's she's said. 

Simple summary: Raise them with what you can. Raise them with love, discipline and no double standards. 



I like 2 parts especially where a new parent in this modern era probably is highly educated but knows nuts about housework or cooking.
It's been a journey . Kudos to all parents. 

I also like the fact that she said nurturing a child takes alot effort such as one should not have double standards and etc. 


Your kids are a reflection of who you are. 


Even more Bagus if you've got a Super su
pportive hubby n family like hers!

Please don't forget to reward loving people around you too! 





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