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Lazy Parents Episode 7 | Supreme Parents

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Ice pop mould

Lazy Parents Episide 7:

 After much persuasion by my baby, I decided to buy this ice pop mould from MINISO thinking - 'just another mould'. To be exact, I bought a similar mould before but never used it. 

When I got home, of course my eager beaver baby can't wait to try her new toy out. But here, I just got to share my findings. 

This mould, works like all other moulds
-- simply pour your mixture in and freeze it. 


However, I like that you can not only do smaller sizes, it actually does not 'melt all over'. It melts back into the cone easily be it a big or small pop, and makes savouring so much 'neater' for my baby. Therefore, I didn't had a mess to clean up. 


P.s: Took me only about 1 hour to freeze this Ribena ice pop to semi-solid state and 2 hours later Chloe was happily enjoying her slurps.