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You can find Time if you set your mind to it

Before my child turned 2, I spent alot alot time as I didn’t really have to work. I was a Super hands on mummy. 


In the last few years,

I joined back Bank and Insurance industry. I was preoccupied for success and responsibilities towards clients. I also had the bad habit of not being able to slow down my lifestyle Nor procrastinate any work/ ideas. 


After my miscarriage in 2016 where I almost lost my life, some multiple  chemical pregnancies following after, I became stressed, depressed and worked even harder to forget the pain. I then placed all my energy on my new start up Supreme Parents. At some points, I couldn’t even face my child as it reminded me of my painful miscarriage experiences. 


I was more than often blinded and forgot to spend more time with my family because my family was always taking care of everything for me during my weakest period. I took them for granted. 


Towards the end of Last year,

   I officially took over everything at work at and at home. I took over the cooking and chores duties from my mummy, and also took on additional roles in dad’s company. Hence, my working hours are extended. I don’t have the flexibility like in the past as well as work is ever increasing. 






I would drop baby off at school and work from 9-6 on most days. Work has been hectic in a good way! Learnt alot new things, back to my office lady lifestyle which I used to led. 


These few months

I also began cooking for my darling after work. However, as I do not have sense of smell (due to chemo previously), and obviously I don’t have culinary skills, Nor a lot of Free time on hand too, usually I cook simple staple with soup. 


I would then do my household chores while hubby or

grandpa/ma accompany her first! 

Although i don’t cook every single

day, but I’m so Glad

to finally drop the working

habit and focus on my child, my family again.

even have longer hours for my fav hobby - couch 🥔  .


At times, my hubby or mummy would help me out with chores too.

And I would get time off to do my favourite things, such as meeting my friends. 


I also have very very supportive family who’s always having my back. No matter how bad my temper got, they always tolerate me with love. It’s time I pick myself again and Focus only people I love. Even when I was not able to go back JB to visit my MIL, she would also always cook my favourite food and get hubby to bring back for me & Bb! 




These days, 

I would only run Supreme Parents’ work during my break times, such as lunch break or toilet break or when baby is asleep (I try not to as well). Now that I’m a lot familiar with processes, things became a lot easier as well. 

     And yes, I reply slower than before. 



In the recent months, I not only readjusted my lifestyle BUT would also take 1-2 days each month off to meet my partners/ vendors/ clients/ readers. Yes, I squeeze and pack my appointments together so as not to affect my roles at my dad’s side. This wouldnt be possible without Nice partners/clients/Vendors/Sponsors who’s willing to compromise and help me out.  


And I call it


 I would Pre-empt people whom I’m meeting that I would be bringing Chloe along with me. Seems like it has become once a month routine as well. 






♥️To spend more time with her 

♥️To let her know what I’m busy with 

♥️To show her what is work and how I earn $ 

(Also because dad’s side is not suitable for kids) 

♥️To take a break off school 

♥️To train her social skills (which I’m bad at too) 

♥️To train her independence skills 

(She would need to self occupy herself during my meetings) 


There’d be breaks in between meetings and we would do impromptu things like, snacking, playground, shopping or even a movie! 




Last week, took Chloe to her 1st official dental visit (last few visits failed). 

Finally had her teeth checked. Had yellow stain removed and realize there’s a “white line” beneath. Filling had to be done for front and back of that tooth? Very surprised she was so chirpy and happy throughout 0 fuss!!!! Even the Dentist praised her throughout ! #proudmummoment





Thankful to people

whom I’m meeting who

don’t mind my schedule Nor me

bringing my child along!


Thankful I’m still sticking to this habit.

Thankful to be back to being a real mummy,

Daughter and Wife.