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Feature: Mummy Michelle Lim

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Very grateful to know & learn from Michelle

I first met Michelle at her baby wearing dance event and was captivated by her energy!

In fact, I have known amazing mummy Michelle for almost 2 years and today, the spontaneous mummy is here to share her story!




Some people ask themselves. Why is my life so "tough"?

The way I view it? We were given these challenges so that it would make us richer and stronger in terms of life experiences.

At about 2-years old I left Singapore to grow up in The Netherlands and I'm glad (a story for another day). At 5 I was relentlessly ostracized by my Caucasian dance teacher and had to give up dancing. At 10 I was told that I should give up on music by a racially biased music teacher. Throughout my entire childhood, I was told that I was ugly, had small Asian eyes and had yellow skin. At almost 17 we moved back to Singapore.

At 18 I rejoined Secondary School, had to adjust to the curriculum being in English only and passed my O levels. At 19 I was in Poly. At 21 I was married and at 25 I welcomed my first bundle of joy. At 27 I was crowned Mrs Singapore Worldwide 2016 and I welcomed my 2nd bundle of joy.

Soon after I made a heartbreaking discovery and by 29 I made a decision to be a single parent.

2 years of post-trauma turbulence and it has never been better. Despite the struggles and Covid-19. I think I've hit a new phase in life. Just working on the sudden comeback of anxiety and improving the quality of life. I was told countless times that I wasn't good enough, that I was an ugly Chinese kid.

Today, I am a single mother of 2 beautiful daughters, Mrs Singapore Worldwide 2016 Winner, Emcee, Catwalk & Voice Coach, a dancer, a marketing executive, a trained babywearing fitting specialist and so much more.

Never let anyone tell you that you can't do anything.