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Impending Dangers of playing in Bouncy Castle

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A minor Fall in a bouncy castle can sometimes have more impact than a fall on a ground More than You Can imagine.

7/5 updates 


Thank you to the amazing staff at KKH (for once though).





Congrats to my dearest baby.


The originally estimated 3 months cast period has ended. We just did X-ray Today on 7/5 and doctor says surprisingly healed earlier than expected. 


However, walking will be slightly difficult and need 2-4 weeks to adjust. 


Resuming school in few days Time. She’s so excited and so are we! 




P.s got a memo (but just realize that they wrote wrong foot alamak) for school as they

kindly waived a month fees for us

but I thought better to have a

proper b/w clearance letter. N yes,

the room 12 Doctors are still

amazed by Chloe’s pain threshold tolerance. 














Although im really in need of a sleep but I think this is really important to share. 



On Friday night, as my leg was injured, mummy brought baby for some bonding session. The cleaner just wiped the bouncy  NOBODY in the bouncy castle.

So without much hesitation,

Chloe was allowed up to play. 




She was alone in there with her grandma waiting beside the castle . So I Guess mummy didn’t use her usually hawk eyes (but tired eyes at this point in time) to look at her, I wouldn’t either to be real honest. . In that few minutes, she only heard Chloe complaining that she accidentally stepped on her own toes (right foot step left foot and landed in the bouncy castle was what Chloe described). 


Nobody would have thought that

this incident actually landed Chloe

with a hairline crack on her left pinky! 






A high fever which wouldn’t reside Came 3 days later at 2am. Followed by the slow darkening of her foot. When we went to PD in the morning, a 30 minutes bath did not lower her temperature. So suppository was used. However, that didn’t really work as well. 


So doctor told us to go hospital asap. At this point, her foot was still not blackish. 


The day before I still brought her out to buy food but she did complain of her for being Abit pain on and off. 


Throughout, my little warrior never really fussed, no tears no screams. Little did we know, this doesn’t mean she’s ok! 



The foot has started to slowly turn black and after X-ray was done, doctor informed that she was too young for a surgery and that I can have the option of resting in hospital or at home. Since Chloe was not allowed to move and can only take Panadol at this stage, we chose home for comfort. 






She’s in a temporary cast now and has to be back for a review next week. If her bones are growing, then a hard cast will be provided. If it’s not, a surgery might be necessary.  Doctor has also informed as her fever is not really going away despite medications, they suspect it could be inflammation and infection, which may strike pain from the left foot up to her left ear. Hence, more reviews needed. Blood test will also be done next week to affirm her health status. 


It must have been tough for the doctors not to laugh because the one crying from start to end is the mum of Chloe. The one who still attempt to do a ballet move to prove she’s not in much pain and joke with Doctors is my daughter. 


A week ago, I was chased by a wild dog illegally fed by one of the tenants near by. I was suspected of a hairline crack back then. How I wished I’m the one who had the crack. 




 Sometimes a fall in a bouncy castle can sometimes have more impact than a fall on a ground than You Can imagine. 







The impending dangers of a bouncy castle have often been ignored. I’m cool with her playing with bouncy castle as Long the kids are of similar size/ age. Contrary, I’m not that worried about hygiene but I’m always worried about safety. This little accident has caused not a blueblack but a bone crack. I urge parents to never take their eyes off kids at any time while in the castle so that should anything happen, it would really be easier to explain the situation and of course, stop the unforeseen situation before it happens.