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Lazy Parents Episode 10 | SNAP at your child the right way

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My way of bonding today. How about you?

Lazy Parents Episode 10 : SNAP at your child the right way 

So I opened up my old school retro games and decided to play with Chloe now that her speech improved a lot! 

The aim of this game primarily is to bond and have fun. I Also think it helps to improve her observation skills, memory and agility skills ! Play it anyway you want as Long as it works on your kiddo! 

I also try to teach her about sportsmanship while playing with her (couldn't film it as i was home alone with her). So she has to try her best if she wish to win me. She manage to be on par with me after multiple rounds. Oh... and  Of course, sometimes the baby (Being baby) just cannot afford to lose. I'm sure fellow parents understand me!


* I did similar games for the other card games. 


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