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A mum's blissful injuries

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Today, I learnt to appreciate even minor injuries.

I'm a Mummy & injuries are not only common, but blissful.  


A few days ago, I came to realise, that the injuries on my body do mean a lot to me. 

Just yesterday, I brought my Daughter to an indoor playground. I took the steps she took, albeit I walked while she used Mario dashing skills. Something pricked my toe! It was a nail. Man.. am I so Glad it happened to me and not my girl. I'm actually elated that I walked her steps and I step on it instead of her. 
Sounds kind of a psychopathic mummy? 



Later on, my Daughter hopes that I could join her on her Favourite slide. And I did. And I got bruises all over me. I came rolling down like a Humpty because.. probably I didn't take a slide for a Long time (years to be exact) and I lost touch, or probably my clothes made it extra slippery for me, or probably but hopefully not, I suck in playing a slide. 

But, it made me realized, fabric material and the way to go down a (steep) slide matters for even an adult like me. Luckily, Chloe is so much more skilful. Or I should say, "heng ah, not she injured". 

The many worries of a mum. Sometimes some worries come slightly later or too early. But, that just shows, you are a mum. 



I also come to face the fact that, these small injuries, although might leave some scars on me, but at least not on Chloe, and at least, I went through a little motion with my beloved child. Of course, I allow my child to roam around, but not stepping on a potential rusty nail, or rolling down like a Humpty Dumpty. 

Memories are created. And these scars can somehow replace photos eh? 


And ahoy! My Daughter put a plaster on me back home later! 



Sometimes, we tend to forget to walk the path our child do. Sometimes, we tend to neglect. Sometimes, we are over protective and think our child can Not do better. 

Life's a learning journey and being an injured mum today, I smile, reminisce and I even feel proud of myself. Bitter sweet lessons, but I'm just so happy I'm a mum. N thank you to my mummy for having me. 



Time waits for no one. It is not Everyday that your child wish / lets you walk together. It is not always you get to spend time or experience new things with your beloved ones. 😊