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New "car bound" activities for Chloe

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Car bound activities for the little one

Found out that Chloe has problems deciding which hand to use as she grows older. So I thought that sending her to extra lessons could help as I tried home teaching but didn't improve her condition (I failed). 

It's slightly tricky now that I confirmed my Daughter is ambidextrous with Doctors and Teachers. 

So recently I'm having some problems making my toddler sit still on longer car trips! And I get carsick easily hence I had to find more activities to entertain her. 

Found this app that accomplishes 3 goals in 1. Learning Colouring, ABC and, passing time! 

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Sometimes  she does her colouring, sometimes she practices her ABC.  Most of the times, scribbling. 


Got this from Malaysia Tesco at $8.90rm. Comes with 3 separate led lights. 
You may refer to video on how it works: 


Also, my baby has found the biggest fidget spinner in the car.