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Coping with pain

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Photos in reality

Since March, I’m caught with an unknown nerve pain, despite so much blood drawn to check my health, the results are always positive. Surprise? They said my health is very good. They even tested my cortisol level.


Since the Ang moh medicine doesn’t work on me, my uncles ask me try tcm, it actually worked or so I thought.


But I guess it’s a stormy Period. Chloe was suspected of hfmd as she had ulcers. Hence I couldn’t go work for some days as my mum is unwell.


Just when we thought she recovered?

she went  down with very bad gastric flu. Vomiting every now And then. It really pains my heart because she was not able to eat, or even drink. She vomit uncontrollably randomly. You can even see the Panadol consumed comes out like New.


After 3 nights of battle, she recovered today. But I went down with high fever flu and cough. I cannot take Panadol as I’m allergic. Hence can only wait for time to heal me. This sweet girl said my arms are tired from sponging her. She said she will sponge me instead. Awwwww


The nerve pain which I thought was under a good control, came back harshly on me. Ever played pinball? I feel like the machine now, where the ball randomly hits every part of me.


Through these trying days, I really want to say thank you to my hubby, dad and bro, they covered my work without complaints. Despite dad n hubby are drained, they will wake up and check timely if Chloe/ me is ok. N my mummy for coming almost daily to cook for me and help with chores n Chloe.


I’m so glad chloe is not allergic to painkillers. If there’s any pain she has to suffer, pls give to me.


P.s paiseh to those who visited me as I was not allowed to even bathe during that week. And no I’m not in hospital I just flipping through photos taken by friends.



Treasure our time with family as you don’t know when you will just fall. I fell and I’m Glad I can still type this msg and still be breathing. I’m thankful my life is not taken away. Living with pain is really tough esp for a coward like me. But I rather be alive then dead. Thankful for more time with family. Though it would be best if the pain bonus is taken away.


as I’m typing this, my staff sent me photos of them early 8am trying out more crafts. I’m so touched!!!