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Lazy Parents Episode 15: We play We Learn We have Fun!

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Lazy Parents Episode 15

I'm a lazy parent often preoccupied with work and chores, + a really low energy low enthusiasm mummy when it comes to learning or even playing toys. 


I don't make fanciful things but I teach in my ways. 



For instance, today we did this. 




First, I asked her to draw alphabets A to H. 


Followed by drawing the first word that she knows of (and can draw). So this string of pictures and alphabets became her mini book for a few hours. 


Later in the evening, 

She decided to cut them up into squares herself (she's asked to learn to use normal scissors without me looking at all, but I did peep). 


Next, we play mix and match game followed by counting the number of wins. 





♥️ A simple bonding session that allow her to learn alphabets, pictures, drawing, unleash creativity imagination, memory game, and yup, eagerly counting her wins to beat her mama hands down. ♥️