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Thanks everyone for supporting Old Enough! Big Thank you to the producers and crew, Mediacorp Channel 5, Toggle, Channel NewsAsia & 938Now for the kind opportunity and learning experience for all of us once again.



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Letting go is never easy.


But there must always be a first. 

For my child, for myself.


I’m probably considered a partial n invisible handicap too? I cannot smell, I cannot see well, and I cannot even stand properly due to a flattened spinal cord. And yes, I probably have a shorter lifespan too since I had cancer at age 21. Hence, I always hope for my child to learn independency from young.


Bonus: Going on the show was a definite confidence booster for Chloe and now, she’s even more willing to try more varied tasks on her own (with our secret supervision).


In fact, she’s trying her best to find her own learning strategies and thinking out of the box. Whether she’s dyslexic not, whether she decides to be a left or right hander, the only thing that matters to me is she’s healthy and happy.




 Learning is a lifelong lesson afterall, we can take things slower.


Thank you @mediacorp & @mediacorpch5 for the opportunity.


Never thought Chloe would be selected. Couldn’t believe to this day she completed all tasks too.


The poor crew and her filmed over 2 hours under the hot sun.


P.s we returned all the fishes.




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Big thanks to all the producers & crew for making this happen.

Old Enough is well prepared! Amazing show to let us discover more about ourselves and our kids.


Thank you @938now & @danielmartin938 for being such great hosts!


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