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Thank you everyone who loves me for who I am.


August is always a special month for me.

This August marks my 12th year in remission since my last cancer-treatment in 2008.

This August marks my 8th year into marriage.

This August marks my 5th year in the events & marketing industry. 

This August also marks my 3rd year curating preschool fieldtrips (albeit we couldn’t do any this year due to pandemic).

August is definitely a special month for me!

Don’t have any cancer-days photo.
Hence this photo which was taken by my hubby... has always been a constant reminder of the pain & challenges that I managed to embrace in the past 34 years being a human.

Even though I’m still battling with Trigeminal neuralgia (nerve pain) & anxiety issues, 
life goes on and 
I will live everyday like my last.

Once again, Thank you to everybody who loves for who I am & supports me for who I am.




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