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Lazy Parents Episode 14- Ways to kill boredom effectively

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This can wipe out kiddo energy too!

So my clerk came back from her holidays and I decided to take a short break from one of my jobs today. Yes I’m holding 3 jobs now excluding - Daughter, mum, Wife. 




Went to meet some vendors today and catch up with friends. 


Brought Chloe to PlayFacto to run assessment then we went with our friends to shop awhile before heading home. 



Our groceries for the week Came 30 minutes in advance. Luckily we reach home in time! 


Although I rarely exercise, but I take chores as a heavy exercise. Ever since I owned a home, honestly I take extra care of my own property unlike living (leeching) on my parents back then. 


As a mummy of a young toddler, I don’t procrastinate my chores (seriously it’s as good as spring cleaning if I leave it undone for a few days). Also, I’m the kanchiong spider who can’t tahan delaying what I plan to do each day. 





Since age 2+, Chloe would help my mummy and me with some light chores. At age 3, she learn to  crack egg and beat egg herself. And she really loves eggs. So every few days I would cook her favourite 🥚 🍳 for her! 


On slacking days like now, we would do most chores TOGETHER. And we find pleasure in each other’s company. 

Guess that’s a lil work out for us and now she’s folding clothes. Think very soon she can be pretty independent unlike me! 


But of course, there’s resting periods in between, there are naughty days, there are moody days but most days, she’s this chirpy and loving. And she offers to do for me usually! Time will fly and soon I cannot “exploit” my LO anymore.