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Just Some types of mums i know.. and sometimes I belong to the following as well. 




  • The mummy who goes cray cray over anything about 1st child, but she doesn’t suffer from any anxiety illness. Just first child or only child syndrome. Wants the best so forever on research mode, be it googling, reading, asking around. 
  • The mummy who laze around. But often posting a lot kids craft videos / parenting videos / asking people to be a model parent (akin to her). But in reality is just a bum.
  • The mummy who loves to show off the kid. Every single milestone. You get to see pics / videos of both! 
  • The mummy who’s always comparing.. among own children/ to other children. Or just comparing any other thing.
  • That overly strict mum. 
  • The mum who shouts at own kid. 
  • The mum who don’t pick own child up after a very minor fall. 
  • Overpampering mum
  • The mummy who says 1 thing yet do another. For instance, asks child eat vitamins, veggies etc. But Ownself don’t eat/ don’t dare to eat. Keep toys and books after use, but the mummy’s cosmetics probably lying all around/ own Bed not made daily. 
  • That mummy who swear/ preach to never scold kids pls. And can never understand and shaking head when she sees others scolding their kids. But, you don’t know what she does at home. Could be scary.
  • The mummy who plans the path for child. The kind of - JUST FOLLOW strictly ok. 
  • The mummy who boasts about her sons n daughters when her Friend(s) barren / Really hates kids / not interested and eyc
  • That mummy who always talk bad about other pple’s kids. But never hers. 
  • The mummy who love to post school videos photos etc which shows other kids too. 
  • The mummy who sends the kid to as many lessons as possible. Can be because wanna pass time/ wanna pass child away/ both. Can be because worry over diff causes / got the need . Can be because kiasu kiasi/ rich. Alot reasons u may not know. 
  • The mum who’s always asking shld I? Shld I send doc now? Shld I use this book? Shld I use this cream? But the mum can either be genuinely asking / just ask for fun / ask Liao forever won’t take any single advice 
  • The mum who love to tell lies / make others feel bad / thick skin 
  • The mum who don’t control own kid in public. Eg. Screaming for hours and not doing anything to stop child. 
  • The mum who offers unhealthy food/ snacks/ toys/ Hp to Kids. Be it  at home, meal times and etc. 
  • The mum who can’t stop sharing about family affairs anywhere, everywhere. Sometimes half truths. 
  • The mum who is forever complaining (anything even spouse) but doesnt really reflect about herself - publicly/ to frens
  • That mum who only do things she like but not what her kid like 


The list goes on and on. Never ending. While we can’t see eye to eye what other mums do or teach or preach...  
But as Long as the mum doesn’t harm the child physically right in front of u, then just MYOB. 

But sometimes, I do have the itchy mouth to wanna knock some sense into certain mums. And I also do get it from fellow mums too. But I’m also a picky mum, like most mums, I only listen what I want to listen? Lol!!  Or shld say, if ur able to convince me. 

Eg. Don’t tell me to stop giving my only girl toys n hp. I’m a strong believer in toys n YouTube.  But I can reduce. 

Eg. Don’t judge n tell me my Daughter has this problem that problem etc before u even met her. 

Anyway nothing happen to me, was chatting with Frens lately n drafted this post some time ago so just post out. Hahahahaha