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Try having a chat / debate with toddlers : 

Last time remember my baby asked me to go work to earn$ for her to buy toys. One year later she's turning 4, she asked all of us pls be more hardworking cos she not enough toys. 😓

Few days ago my Mum caught Lil Monster Coloring her nails with paint. 😡
Today, I caught her doodling my makeup. Desperate until she used a stool to get my makeup. 😪

Few months ago my fren said her 4.5yo Son discussing with elder Brother to send her to old age home for no reason? I didn't believe. Today, her Son say I got no Son. So should join his Mum go old age home got offer. 🙄

At MacDonalds, my Snow White (dressed up) said she doesn't want Apple slices for her happy meal. She will DIIIEEEEEE. 😂

In school: 
She told her Teachers we are very poor. That day papa sew his pants. Then mummy sew pillow case. (In mandarin) 😣

In school: 
" My mummy wears pamper too "😰😰

At toy shop: 
If u love me, u will buy for me. (One of her classic) 😱

我是小孩,这个是小孩玩的。我可以跟公公一起玩。公公很乖。我要买给他。你还钱. 😅
(im a kid this is for kid to play. I can play with grandpa. Grandpa behaved well. I want to buy for him. You pay) 

(I walked off to look at other items) 
Toddler screamed: 你没有保护我。(u didn't protect me!) 
strangers laughing. 😨

What are some classics from ur Toddler?