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Cough and flu could be signs of Potential infection like bronchitis & pneumonia part 2

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So I got my report and began googling her results first. 


Of course there are many many webpages and results and some References here (I don't determine accuracy of these sites) :



Firstly I think I quite impressed that both times appointment I went in at the time I was scheduled. 


So in we went. And we asked about the 'red' digits on the report. 


Doctor Ngiam said it is 'first stage' pneumonia. 


Q&A (I try my best to key exact words as we conversed in mandarin)  


Me: so what does the red digits mean? 


Doc: It is to determine the severity of the virus/bacteria. So it shows that she has infection based on X-ray film and her results concluded she has pneumonia and not bronchitis. 



Me: What's the difference? 


Doc: There's basically not a huge difference. But pneumonia can turn really life threatening especially for a young child. 



Me: How to differentiate? I hear that if experienced PD can actually diagnose bronchitis or pneumonia? Is it true that we don't need to really come hospital to check? 


Doc: Firstly, usually all PD or Doctors can diagnose bronchitis via hearing and symptoms. Bronchitis usually has cough but not much fever, or maybe 2-3 days but not high fevers usually. Pneumonia on the other hand needs X-ray and blood test to confirm. So through tests we know the type and severity and how much medicine to give as well. If your PD can do the tests then definitely they can test for the results too. 



Me: Anyway to prevent? Is it because I came to hospital too late?


Doc: Nope, not really. Just take note of symptoms. Persistent or on off fever for more than 3 days I would advise to see doctor as it could be viral infection and you never know how severe it is as everyone differs. Some people just cough, and no fever, whereas some people can have repeating fevers. 


Infection is not easy to detect at times and it can turn into any "stages" of severity anytime. So I cannot say whether you came late not. 



Me: Contagious? 


Doc: For adults you have stronger immunity. Usually adult won't catch the virus. However she cannot go school for quite some time until she stops coughing minimally as this is contagious. So I will issue MC later. 




Me: Does she need to ward? 


Doc: It would not be advisable as her conditions are not severe and she's left with coughing too. In addition, if she were to ward then it will be about 3 days, and she might ENDUP getting more virus I wouldn't know but I would rather she rest at home instead of staying as home is more comfortable too. 


Conclusion: being active doesn't mean your child is having a 'of no serious' illness