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guilty . Mum guilt. I gotta change my bad habit

Despite taken medications,

The nerve pain wasnt controlled and hit me at my left head, Chin and arm today, bad enough to disrupt my work, and hence work got delayed again as I couldn’t focus at all. Went for an important Long overdue meeting with my staff.


Since I couldn’t finish my office work so i had to bring them home to consult my hubby for help.


Being new to my newly added roles, I have too much to learn. It is month end period, it’s also GST, taxation & auditing period.




Im not only weakest in finance, now coupled with the damn-so-irritating nerve pain, the making-me-drowsy-forever medications,

it takes me double the energy to focus or even get things right (I need double brain power too). Today, my bad habit happened again.





I had brushed my poor girl aside as I needed to rush through some work without realising she had waited for me until she fell asleep.




Sometimes, knowingly.


Sometimes, unknowingly.




When i finally completed my work and realised oh Gosh I have neglected my love for the past few hours, I had immersed and drowned myself in work, all I could do was To hug her in my arms while watching her sleep.



I whispered that I’m so sorry my love.



She opened her small eyes and said:

“mummy I love you. Finished work? Did you eat? mummy can you spend time with me tomorrow?  Mummy I love you. But we are both tired we will play together tomorrow ok?


My time is all yours tomorrow my love.



I’m so terribly sorry my dear. And thank you for being so understanding. I doubt I was such a good and understanding girl at your age!