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Thank you

Nerve pain killed me. Sadly cannot join u all today. 

Thank you everyone for tolerating a fussy boss like me. Thank you all for making today possible. 😘

Thank you Sook Peng Linda Ziyun Kelly Jayven n my aunts especially.



突然倒下,突然得了个 unknown nerve pain, 天天忍着病痛。暂且无药可医。有时候可以吃点东西,有时候连床都下不来。有些天还能做工呢。






I have been busy working hard for the past few months on this big project, but today, I’m not able to witness it as I collapsed once again  yesterday night due to the unknown nerve pain that Doctors are not able to offer me a cure yet.

But i want to thank my family and relatives for their unconditional love, thank you for appearing in my life. During my stay in the hospital, every one of you took care of me in every possible way, even to the extent of going my event venue to Ensure everything is okay.

Right now I m going thru excruciating pain again that actually stopped me from attending this long awaited award ceremony. This morning I saw tears in my father's eyes and i knew my husband guarded me all night for fear that I would roll off the bed. I decided to stay at home and take care of myself and I will try to get well soon, for my family and for myself. Many Thanks to mummy for taking care of me at home and at work.

Thank you especially to my beloved staff turned very good friends for standing by me, for working way beyond what you are supposed to do. For assisting this stubborn fussy boss (but I don’t bite right).
Especially thanks Sook Peng & Linda for working almost round the clock for this project.

Thank you everyone for your kind understanding and cooperation.

Thank you everyone for continuing to support us on our initiatives.

I hope all of you can continue to support Supreme Parents. Thank you Everyone who play a part in helping us grow!