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Groupchats & Online Giveaways Guidelines

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Groupchats/ Facebook or website giveaways/ contests Guidelines


Page / Group guidelines: 

Our target audience for giveaways are to parents residing in Singapore only. 


We do have events/giveaways/ contests open to public who are non- parents too.



I always believe in being responsible for own actions. All of us at Supreme Parents, no matter staff or readers, strictly take no humiliation, personal Attack, nonsense, harassment, unfair treatments, and will ban anyone who misbehaves or endanger any other readers here. 

Be respectful at all times to everyone here. THANK UUU!!


Report to us if you find anything suspicious as IM a working mum and may miss out certain posts. 

Scammers/ Serious offenders will be reported to police. 








Giveaway & PDPA Guidelines here: 


1️⃣ Basic Contact details are required from each winner to ascertain no fake winners. This is a default unless otherwise stated on giveaway post itself.  


2️⃣ Facebook user name should at least contain one similar word to your identification card. 


However, if we suspect or confirm 

you are not a true winner or you are 

using a "fake /giveaway account" 

we will not issue the prize. 


3️⃣ We may require front image of ur Nric to be fair to everyone due to chances of false participants. If needed we may request to see actual document. This rule will apply mainly at events. 



4️⃣ We will edit/ cancel contest without notice if item default/ sponsor change any terms. No prior notice given. 



5️⃣ Kindly check your message inbox/ Sms/ whatsapp . Usually we will Like your post, reply to your post, and private message you if you are a winner. But Facebook may impose new rules here n there where we will comment on giveaway post. 



6️⃣ We do not send reminders to 

ask you to collect prize or call You 

during event to collect prizes. We also do not bear any loss for prizes via normal postage. 



7️⃣ If you failed to come or Came but forget to take, Prize automatically forfeited without notice. 



8️⃣ Please abide by each giveaway 

contest rules and we do not allow 

double entries especially or 

getting someone else to collect on 

behalf without any written mutual agreement. 



9️⃣ We expect a reply within 7 working days otherwise prize forfeited or redraw. Note: Number of days is fixed at 7 unless otherwise stated.


1️⃣0️⃣ Winner need to come personally 

unless otherwise mutually agreed upon with Sponsor via written agreement.  


1️⃣1️⃣ All contests adhere strictly to bizvents / supremeparents / takeout/ sponsors'  Terms and conditions and we reserve the right to amend at any time and all decisions are final.


1️⃣2️⃣ PDPA Terms & Conditions:  

By signing up our subscription list or winning any prize, you agree to release your contact information and be contacted via Facebook/ meet up/ emails / mails / Sms / whatsapp/ phone calls from Bizvents Pte Ltd & its subsidiary Supreme Parents, and their authorized partners and sponsors. 


You may also check with us if you were being contacted by authorized parties by emailing us at










Join Whatsapp group



Contact us if you wish to join in our whatsapp group ! Once you joined,

you are deemed to agree to any rules and observe group etiquette and agree to be contacted by admins. 







For our main large groupchat - “LOBANG chat”, We basically don’t have any rules except to fill form and observe the basic groupchat etiquette.  Our other groupchats are for chit chatting except Lobang chat, where we try to minimise chatting. Rules might be implied in future for all other chats. As of now, no rules yet. 



If you have been Removed from LOBANG chat it could be due to: 

A) no fill form (99% removed) 


If you have been Removed from ANY chats it could be due to: 

B ) didn’t observe / show basic etiquette 

- no reactions when admins pm

- disrespect/ harass sponsors / others 

- missing / irresponsible influencers / parents 

- pretend to be want to do tasks but no do

- banned by sponsors 

- play cheat in contests 

- kana complaints from many during events 

- speaking / spreading untruths about Organizers where we reserve all legal rights 

- attempt/ sold leads / anyhow pm people 


Just like spring cleaning, a big group needs to be cleaned up once in awhile too for others to have chance come in. 🙂 we seek your understanding on this to save the best for readers. 


If anyone keen to join back purely due to didnt fill form, we most welcome you. But for now we got to uphold what we have been constantly reminding for months. 


We also do understand some not active so didn’t see. Just pm admin Michael. But note Michael ain’t a Paid staff Also . Replies may be slow. 


I want and wish to keep this LOBANG chat specially for parents to enjoy lobangs / share lobangs. 

Chit chat can use other chats still isn’t it 🙂 


Otherwise sponsors / Towkays gonna run off if people keep breaking (B) and unfair to others who might get to enjoy more lobangs isn’t it? 


Have a great year!!