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Part 1: Never take any fever or cough lightly

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Cough and flu could be signs of Potential infection like bronchitis & pneumonia

Updated post at 5pm , 31/08: thanks many for messaging me and advising me! 

PART 1: 

I'm writing this down because I was so lost these few weeks. And I believe there are many parents like me out there. 

About a month ago, Chloe started to have mild fever one fine day. And we gave her Panadol. It resided. It came back again few days later. On and off, this went on for a week or so. She returned school later on. However, the fever came back once awhile at wee hours. We brought her to her usual PD (famous & trusty at east side) but was given Panadol only as they say it's viral fever. As she's very active, eats and sleeps well, so they didn't want to run any test and assured me she's too young to suffer any prick unnecessarily and that I might be slightly over-paranoid (I don't deny this).


So she's like having fever once every other day but it can be 37.8, or 38.5. It comes and it goes pretty fast in 1-2 hours. Some times I don't even need to feed her Panadol, just need to dab her forehead and constantly change the wet cloth. 

9 days ago , she start to have high fever like shooting to 39 degree kind. Her high fevers range 37.8-39.2. On the average it's 38.5degree. And it only acts up at like 12am To 6am kind of timing. All along she's quite active. 

The first 2 nights we gave Panadol and observed. 3rd day, I brought her to a GP who also sees Kids and appeared quite popular. She vomited once. Again, she was given Panadol. This doctor say antibiotics can be bad for toddlers so since she's Super active she felt it's best to skip antibiotics unless, she didn't recover after a week. She also concluded it as viral fever. So 3 days ago between 3-6am she threw up a few times. I checked and look like phelgm. So we are not sure it's coughing or trying to cough out phelgm or cough till vomit. I brought her to Polyclinic PD to check again. I even asked Dentist as she did complain of toothache. And was again concluded and told the same verdict - viral fever. At this point, her fever rate is as good as 10% only. Probably once at 4am about 37.6 degree and reside fast. 


Past 3 days her fever start to reside ., but she started to cough really badly as well. And also vomit again3 times when she's asleep at 3-6am Time range. 

As you know, it's the 7th month now. Honestly, I start to get REAL paranoid. But people around suggested that I trust Doctors. But I just couldn't stop googling. So I observed yet another 2 nights. 

Her fever is almost gone since yesterday (day 8). But she's still coughing and vomited more phlegm out. All these while, she's very active. 
I Guess I overlooked 'viral' fever can also be 'viral infection' which could be bronchitis too. So I decided to go Gleneagles Dr Ngiam to seek help. 


Immediately after checking on Chloe, he felt that a month Long of quick-go fevers, is unusual and he asked for X-Ray and blood test on her and asked me to be prepared. I ask what? He said: it could be bronchitis, pneumonia or other infections, or it could be worse. If your x-ray comes back with nothing, then things could be BAD.
TRUST me, when such words went into my ears, it turned into : "UR DAUGHTER IS VERY VERY VERY SICK". Doctor also told me if I delayed further it could certainly worsen to pnenumia if this is a mild case of bronchitis ..

Ps.. personally feel X-ray & blood test combi in such situations would be good. 
I just couldn't handle my tears. I was very scared and worried. And I didn't like the idea of a toddler having to take x-ray. Also, I had lymphoma cancer before which was detected via chest x-ray so it really freaks me out. So off she went for X-ray. I saw a black patch (and self assumed it's doomsday) and I started to cry again. Walking back to doctor's room seem liked walking to hell.



Doctor laughed and said, that's her stomach. Ok, silly me .......!!!!

So doctor said that he thinks it's very mild bronchitis but there are many kinds. So he instructed us to go for blood test, start using nebulizer and also standby for the report later. Part of the results will be out, if her blood count is fine, then I don't need to worry.
She's given antibiotic x 2 types where she needs to take first type first. If result out and is another virus, then she need mix both types. If it's worse than what's predicted, she has to be warded.  




Dear Parents, i just want to share, GOOGLE helped me a lot on this. A part of me says don't be so paranoid Abit Abit see doctor. A part of me suspect she's not okay. 3 Doctors we have seen and none wanted her to go x-ray + a part of me really thought it's just usual viral fever + a part of me secretly prayed she doesn't need a X-ray too. 

Cough till vomit, too much phelgm causing cough.. everything is hard to say as I am not the  expert. 
This. Could have resulted in a mild bronchitis turned pnenumia - doctor said. I imagined if I continue to not go hospital what might have happened ? Or I should say if I continued meeting Doctors who just keep giving her Panadol how? Could this be my mistake for taking  her illness lightly?



P.S: the real heartpain 
She kept saying In tears : "mummy I love u mummy I love uuuuuuu !!! " during while blood was being drawn. She cry and say as if pleading me to not let her suffer Any more. Baby, your so brave. U stop crying after everything. Unless mummy, cry like no tomorrow.  

Lastly, thank you to my vendor at Parkway for helping me get priority Q knowing I'm sick too. Appreciate lots ! Fret not, we let the babies go in first as they were more severe cases and really not much of a Q also lah, I could manage. 




Previous Doctors did ask me go hospital or go

Polyclinic follow up if no recover. Just that they felt it's not chest infection. 

Googling is own preference. Seeing which doctor also own preference. Doesn't mean renowned / expensive = good. 



For those who asked: 

Results : 
29/8 I get to know blood count result 
💎result normal! 
30/8 I will get to know micro plasma result

💎result normal (I.e negative)  !
31/8 I will know type of bacteria / virus via blood culture hopefully. 
🎯 Pneumonia  !!!


*busy with baby will update asap 

* although first 2 blood results okay, but as Chloe is feverless now but yet very very lethargic  despite only on nebulizer. Hence, 
doctor may consider to ward her tomorrow. Nurse says be it bronchitis or pnenumia, everyone symptoms may differ. It can be fever then cough. Or Low fever all the way with mild cough. Any combination also possible. For now, they think it's mild pnenumia but not 100% confirmed as they want compare all reports tomorrow.