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Cancer and miscarriages did not stop Yvonne Lian from conceiving a child naturally and setting up a business. This unstoppable woman — mother, survivor, and mumpreneur — shares her story with us.

She may only be 30, but Yvonne Lian has already lived through more than most women her age. Cancer – check. Marriage (to 34-year-old bank manager Jeremy Yap) – check. Miscarriages (that’s multiple, not single) – check. But she thanks God that she has her miracle baby Chloe, who was conceived naturally after cancer. Chloe turned three on October 4 this year.

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An introduction from yvonne lian

Hello Dear Readers,

Thank you for your support! Some of you may already know that I am a lymphoma cancer survivor since 2007. Today, I am also a proud Mother to my miracle baby daughter, Chloe. As a cancer survivor mother, it evokes my empathy about childbirth. So I would like to take this opportunity to share my pregnancy journeys with you.



It had never occur to me that I could be infertile because of my condition. I had no choice but to put the thought of future childbirth at the back of my mind. Years later, I decided to try for my first pregnancy as I felt fit enough. At that point of time, I had been 5 years away from my last chemo (which was my targeted waiting period).

It was a breeze.

When I became expectant, all the gynaes commented such – “Oh dear, such a precious baby!”, “Eh? You could actually conceive?”, “Oh your baby might come out before week 24”, “Hmm.. you need to bedrest until she’s born”, etc.

Apparently, it was easy for me to get pregnant but things got tougher once I am pregnant. Hence, my bedrest journey began as soon as around week 10. I did not really experience morning sickness, since I was either cooped up at home or at the hospital on most days – due to bleeding, frequent observation and bedrest needed.



The worst experience throughout was that I had bad migraines and insomnia every day. Which lasted until week 39 when I successfully brought Chloe to the world. No pun intended, my friends witnessed me leading a zombified life. But, I am sure all mummies would agree that it is all worth it! Yay I made it!

Oh yes, not forgetting that there were fake and real contractions during week 38 onwards. It was then, my gynae concluded I could not go through natural delivery procedure. I had to delivery Chloe out via C sect in October 2013. Tadah!





I was told both during and after delivery that I had a unique womb. Therefore, holding a baby in the womb and going through natural delivery would not be easy. Not only had I gone through C sect delivery, I also suffered 2 miscarriages earlier this year (2016). Which I went through inducement and operation for the second one.

I experienced the excruciating pain of inducement without painkillers and watching my fetus dropped to the floor when I stood up. I waited for 2+ days before there was an available operating theater. I guess, in a way I experienced part of a “nature birth”.



It took me months to walk out of my confinement and darkness, and I began to lost interest in my day job too. It was then, I began to rethink about my goals and childhood dreams. I love events, and I am a parent now. With the experience of doing events for corporate since 2014, I want to relive my little dream. And this is my beginning to make Supreme Parents a success.

Through my happiness and grieves, one of my core projects definitely ought to be pregnancy related.



Parenthood has been a very fulfilling journey for me, and I want to spread this joy with every parents / parents to be. It aspires me to see parents like us to enjoy the parenthood process, attend fun educational events, participate in meaningful activities, and so on and so forth.

At the same time, I hope to be able to support new and rising brands in the long run. Especially by mumpreneurs! Everyone deserves a chance to start somewhere and have friends who can lend a helping hand. I have also started Supreme Parents Newsletters in both print & digital copies in January 2018 hoping to share more parenting articles contributed by partners, lobangs for all of you and special deals for my events. This newsletter also allows me to hire more mummies to help out along the way! 

So dear friends, please share your experience and feedback with me. Let me learn along the way through your support. Feel free to contact us at


Looking forward to see you all soon!




Yvonne Lian
Founder of Supreme Parents & Bizvents Pte Ltd

An introduction from yvonne lian